Product Tour

School’s Digital Communication Platform

Talkative Parents is a digital communication platform connecting schools and parents. The product has successfully transformed the longstanding school communication/notice book and school calendar into an easy-to-use mobile application thus enhancing school-parent engagement. A key feature of this two- way communication solution is that it is completely controlled by the school resulting in effective targeted communication.

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Sales Agent Communication Platform

The platform digitally connects corporates with their sales agents/ dealers/ distributors in a controlled and secure manner. This engagement tool has a real-time two- way communication feature and a sales event calendar. The hierarchical multi-layer access system helps agents connect and share documents with the supervisor / Head Of Department/ corporate (and vice versa) in real-time even when out of office. The objective is to drive faster sales and deal closures through efficient communication and agent engagement.

Apartments/ Facilities Managers Communication Platform

The platform connects facilities managers (apartments and commercial property) and management committees with the residents of the building. Real-time communication has helped resolve facility issues faster and all issues are logged in the system for future follow up. Efficiencies created through automation has resulted in cost savings due to reduction of man power, admin work and paper. Targeted communication has ensured high privacy and confidentiality of data.