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School Digital Communication Platform

Talkative Parents is a cross channel communication platform connecting schools, teachers,  parents and students. The product has successfully transformed the longstanding school communication/notice book and school calendar into an easy-to-use platform thus enhancing school-parent engagement. A key feature of this cross channel communication solution is that it is completely controlled by the school resulting in effective targeted two-way communication. The cross channel communication feature of the platform enables Admin users to send messages via mobile app, SMS and Email ensuring higher user engagement. The parents can contact departments / individuals in the institution as permitted by the school.

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Integrated e-Learning with Google Workspace for Education: Learning Management System

Talkative Parents EdTech platform is a member of the “Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative”. The collaboration with Google, enables educators to leverage the powerful functionality offered by Google Classroom via the simplicity and familiarity of the Talkative Parents Platform

    • Set up e-classes / auto-rostering
    • Assign and review homework
    • Conduct video clases 
    • Auto triggered notifications to parents on key student events


Online School Fee Payments (via IPG)

Seamless school fee collection via Partner Bank Internet Payment Gateway/ Talkative Parents Integration. Enables parents to pay school fees using any Visa or Mastercard credit/ debit card.

Other benefits for the school fee platform include receiving and online web portal based reporting for the school.

School Fee Payments via Partner Bank Credit Cards

Talkative Parents platform users are eligible for Easy Payment Plans (EPP s)  benefits* when paying school fees via Talkative Parents Online Payments Platform using partner bank credit cards.

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*EPP terms & conditions are at the complete discretion of the bank 

** Last updated October 18th, 2021